Local Events

West Coast Swing events are generally a bigger deal than going out dancing tonight. At a minimum, they involve several workshops during the day, then an evening of dancing. Often though, they can span a weekend, or more, offering total immersion in our wonderful world of West Coast Swing. So when do we consider an event local? I figure an event is local if you don't have to get on a plane to partake so here are some to consider:

Month Event Location
JanuarySwingCouverRichmond, BC
FebruaryRose City SwingPortland
MarchSeattle Easter SwingBellevue, WA
JuneDance N PlayRedmond, OR
JuneSweet Side of Swing NorthwestRichmond, BC
SeptemberBridgetown SwingPortland, OR
NovemberSea To SkySeattle, WA
DecemberWCS Brandi GuildVancouver, BC

Seattle Easter Swing


Seattle Easter Swing is a full immersion experience of non-stop West Coast Swing dancing held over 4 days annually on the Easter weekend. This is a world class event hosted by the Seattle Swing Club that attracts many of the world's best West Coast Swing dancers and a thousand or so of us who just love dancing this dance. You can spend your days taking in workshops or private lessons from the stars, and watch or dance in competitions for everyone from novices to champions if you're so inclined. Cheer on your friends as they compete for trophys and prizes. There is nothing quite so inspiring as watching the best Westies in the world compete, or should I say perform and entertain. But the best of all has got to be the late night social dancing; dance through the night to tunes spun by the best West Coast Swing deejays around. You don't have to dance till dawn in an 18,000 sq ft ballroom but I think you'll want to.

For more information, go to their website easterswing.org.

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Bridgetown Swing


The Bridgetown Swing event in Portland is a 4 day event held on the third weekend in September. This is a smaller, more friendly event in a relaxed atmosphere (generally about 400 dancers). Expect WCS dancing all day and night with many of the best instructors in the northwest, and some of the world's best, offering workshops throughout the day. Private lessons are also available. If you prefer, you can spend the day watching, or dancing in competitions for everyone from novices to champions with plenty of social dancing in between the competitions. The best part of any event is always the social dancing which goes late into the night, or early morning if you like.

For more information and the workshop schedule, check out the Portland Swing Dance Club website.

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This event is being put on by John and Ian Kirkconnell, with Sarah Van Drake, on the 3rd weekend in January. This year, it will be held at the Sheraton Hotel by the airport in Richmond. Their main ballroom is about a third bigger than in previous years so should be able to accomodate all comers. They've got a great line-up of some of the world's best West Coast Swing dancers on staff so expect to see some amazing dancing, and to learn a lot in the leveled workshops they'll be teaching.

Look up the details and pricing on their website, SwingCouver.com, Facebook, or email swingcouver@gmail.com for more information.

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Sea To Sky


The Sea To Sky event will be held in the DoubleTree Hilton again this year on the 2nd weekend in November. Expect a well run event with Michael Kielbasa in charge, and Cheryl Lyons running things in the background. It kicks off on Thursday night with a workshop at 8pm followed by dancing till midnight. The dancing continues pretty much non-stop from Friday afternoon through Sunday evening.

Plenty of the top pros and deejays will be in attendance, and Forrest Hanson & Glenn Ball will be acting as emcees. The usual Strictly Swing and Jack & Jill competitions are held for those so inclined, and if you're not, cheer on your friends and favourites, or dance in the small ballroom. There will also be a large variety of workshops by both local and visiting instructors sure to improve your dance. You may also want to take this opportunity to invest in a private lesson from some of these professional dancers. This is an excellent opportunity to learn and practise our passion.

For more information, check out the Sea To Sky website.

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Dance N Play


There's a new game in town, Redmond, Oregon, that is! This event is being put on by Cheryl Lyons, a household name with those of us who've attended well run events before. She's the guru behind the scenes that makes these events run like clockwork. Expect a great show.

For more information, or to register, check out the Dance N Play website.

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Rose City Swing


What started as a crazy idea four years ago has turned into a full-blown weekend of fun! Rose City Swing happens on the last weekend of February every year in Portland Oregon! It will be held at the Holiday Inn by the Portland Airport again and starts Thursday night with a workshop and dance.

All level workshops run all weekend and include some free workshops for newcomers as well a collection of solo classes featuring dances from Hip Hop and Jazz to Persian traditional dancing. In addition, there is a 5-hour Brandi Guild intensive workshop spit into two sessions and also two 3-hour choreography classes, one for the novice/intermediate level and another for advanced/allstars which run Friday and Saturday afternoons.

The usual Strictly and Jack & Jill competitions have been augmented with a couple fun late-night Jack & Jills called "Switchly Swing" and "You Got Served", and an "Inter-Generational" Strictly Swing. Guess you've got to be there! If you prefer Zouk to competitions, there will be a Zouk dance running concurrently Friday night.

For more information, or to register, check out their website.

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Sweet Side of Swing


This hotel convention-style workshop weekend is the intense immersion experience you need to renovate, revitalize, and permanently reform your West Coast Swing. The audition process and leveled workshops are designed to target your specific needs and place you in a level with other dancers of similar understanding in order to learn at an accelerated pace.

Whether you are just learning West Coast Swing, or have been dancing for years; a social or competitive dancer, there are workshops ideal for you.

The positive, supportive, and inclusive learning atmosphere focuses on the soul of the dance - the conversation, technique, and expression - rather than the typical formula of pattern classes. Dancers walk away with fresh perspectives, tons of invaluable homework, and an empowering community mission.

For more information, or to register, check out their website or their event page on facebook.

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WCS Brandi Guild Workshops


Sweet Side of Swing NW is bringing Brandi Guild back to Vancouver for another outstanding weekend of West Coast Swing workshops and dancing on the south side of False Creek. VanSwingThing was at this event last year and can guarantee you will come away a much better dancer with a better understanding of just how this dance really works. They've got a whole new set of workshops this year that I'm sure is going to improve my dancing yet again! And... there will a social dancing to be had Saturday night!

These are leader/follow balanced workshops so you don't stand around waiting for a partner to dance with. There is always a shortage of leaders so try and find one to register with, or register without and hope they will find you one. You don't pay until they have a partner for you. And you're rotating all the time; it doesn't matter who the partner is. This is just so the leader/follow ratio stays even. Then promote it with every guy you know until you get one to register and say their partner is you. Done! You won't regret it.

For more information, or to register, check out the website or their event page on facebook.

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