Why VanSwingThing?

Many people have asked me why I have created VanSwingThing. The reason I've done so is that I'd like to help build our little dance community into something a lot more visible and vibrant in Vancouver. There are many good dancers in this city but the whole community exists underground. Unless you've been exposed to West Coast Swing through a friend, or by accident, you wouldn't even know it exists. I hope to help change that, and to make it easier for people to learn this dance. Dancing has changed my life for the better and I hope it improves your life too.

Asita and Paula dancing West Coast Swing.

Photo by Christine Bacon

So here are some of the goals VanSwingThing is trying to achieve:

In short, I want to make it easier to discover the dance by making it more visible. I want to make it easier to get started, and overcome some of the hurdles in learning to dance West Coast Swing. And for those of us who do discover it, who do learn to dance West Coast Swing, I want us to keep dancing, to share our passion and help our community grow simply because it is a beautiful thing.

So these are the reasons I’ve created this website, gotten involved in running dances, been teaching group classes, and teach private lessons. Please dance with me.