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Just wanna Dance! West Coast Swing has been VanSwingThing's signature dance for over four years. When we started this dance we were the first in the city to offer 100% West Coast Swing music. We also reintroduced live music to our dance scene after an absence of about 10 years. Then we followed that up with Duelling Deejays and now the norm seems to be multiple deejays.

The thing we are most proud of though is establishing a culture of everyone dancing with everyone. We tried very hard to be the friendliest, most non-intimidating dance in town where everyone felt welcome and we largely succeeded. Please let all of us remember what it feels like to go to dances for the first while. I personally make it a rule to dance with three people I don't know at every dance. That takes about ten minutes. Imagine if we all do that!

Sadly, one of the changes we've seen is the state of the floor at Rhodes College. For the first few years it was marvellous… smooth and fast, a pleasure to dance on. But it has been slowly deteriorating. The change in the condition of the floor since our December dance has been horrifying to the point where I am concerned that someone will get hurt. The college is unwilling to do anything about it so for that reason we will no longer be holding dances there.

We hope to find another suitable venue soon but they are hard to find at a reasonable cost in a desirable location. We have a few more cool ideas for some really fun dances that we'd like to put on so don't count us out yet.

Thanks to the many people who were a part of making this dance happen; these photos are only a sampling of those who've helped. Numerous outstanding instructors taught here and some pretty amazing deejays and performers have enriched our lives. Far too many volunteers to name have donned t-shirts and helped establish the culture of inclusion. Many of you have helped in the many other ways necessary to make a dance function well. And much appreciation is due to you, the dancers who've made it all worth doing.

See you on the dance floor!


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DJ Maryann Newmeyer

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DJ Hareesh Kapoor

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DJ Greg Van Wijk

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DJ Andy Vanosdale