VanSwingThing will be holding a very special edition of Just wanna Dance! West Coast Swing on Saturday, April 6th. Our regular monthly West Coast Swing dances are well known in the Vancouver area for cool tunes... friendly people... great fun... and awesome dancing, and we are about to make it even better! This upcoming Special Edition is guaranteed to raise the bar and surpass all expectations!

Meet our special guests and star of the evening:

Leify Green

Leify Green. Photo by Chelle Nicole

DJ Hareesh

DJ Hareesh Kapoor

Leify Green will be playing accoustic guitar up close and personal for your dancing pleasure. When he takes a break, you can dance with him to the awesome tunes of our deejay Hareesh Kapoor. Leify Green is the world's premier Acoustic Swing artist and has been playing all along the West Coast this fall to rave reviews. I've also been hearing pretty good things about DJ Hareesh, who will be coming up from Seattle especially to play this gig with Leify. Hareesh also plays the viola and has jammed with Leify in the past so I would expect this is going to be a night to remember. Both Leify and Hareesh are also well known WCS dancers so get em while they're hot.

Leify Green initially made a big splash in the West Coast Swing scene with his acoustic rendition of Usher's "DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love" which we all danced to throughout 2011. Since then, his recordings are being played by West Coast Swing, Blues, and Fusion DJs at dances and conventions around the globe. Featuring primarily acoustic instrumentation and captivating vocal melodies, Leify's songs provide a fresh, organic alternative to today's digitally manufactured dance music. A pure live performer, Leify uses no effects or loop pedals, choosing instead to rely on his percussive guitar technique, gripping vocal dynamics, and ability to convey raw emotion to engage the dancers on the floor. Leify's ability to "listen to" and connect with dancers makes his live sets ideal for dancing to.

He is currently recording his second studio EP, and is also beginning plans for a full-length live acoustic album. Photos, videos, and more information are available on Leify's website. The video shown here features Daniel Guido and Mackenzie Goodmanson dancing to Leify's guitar at Swingtacular near San Jose this fall. If you'd like to see more videos of Leify playing WCS, click here to see my collection on YouTube.

Advance ticket sales are now closed. We still have a little room available so we hope you can make it.

See you there!

Our Next Special Edition dance:

Date:April 6th, 2013 
Time:8:30 pm - 12:30 am
Location:   Rhodes Wellness College (2nd floor)
1125 Howe Street     get map
Vancouver, BC
Note: entrance is on Helmcken under the Rhodes College sign.
Admission:Dance $16 in advance, $21 at the door.