Fusion poster

Fusion poster

Your instructors: Sara & Tristan Wilson

DJ Tien

DJ Tien Le

DJ Sara

DJ Sara Wilson

DJ Greg

DJ Greg Van Wijk

DJ Devon

DJ Devon Cooke

We've been running a dance we've called "Fifth Friday Fusion" on those months that have Fifth Fridays for the last year. Unfortunately, we've had to put that on hold because my employers have deemed it important that I work far into the night. They don't seem to appreciate our need to dance! :( Those of you who were there know that we had fun doing it. Looking around this page, we've had some great deejays, and really outstanding instruction. You dancers made this dance the success that we would like to see repeated.

Please don't stop dancing Fusion and Blues. If you're a Westie reading this page, you'll find learning these dances will do a lot to improve your connection, and your musicality, and it's darn good fun! You'll notice on our home page that we post upcoming Fuse and Coalescence dances. Fuse is a late night fusion dance held on the first Friday of each month. Coalescence is a weekly dance playing a mix of blues and fusion music. Both of these dances are well run and enjoyable.

Blues dancing as you might expect is danced to blues music, usually slow blues. It doesn't have the rules associated with other dances but is characterized by pulsing weight changes. It is often danced in closed position and due to the lack of rules depends entirely on connection with your partner, and is driven by the music.

Fusion is a dance style that is primarily Blues, and largely influenced by West Coast Swing, Tango, and Lindy Hop though you will see many other dance styles including Hip-Hop incorporated in the dance as well. The dance, like Blues, is primarily about connection...with your partner...and with the music. Fusion music isn't so much a genre, or style. It's outside of the norm though it does tend to be more electronic or synthetic than not. It requires good partner dancing techniques to do well and is inspired entirely by the music. Express your creativity!

See you on the dance floor!